Meet our managed IT services team

Nick Calvert – Owner

Along with running Computers Geeks, Nick also stays busy running his teenage twin girls, Emma and Chloe, to and from activities such as cheer, track, soccer, and basketball. He also spends time with his girlfriend Shea and enjoys seeing family, fishing, and traveling. A recent deepsea fishing trip sparked a new interest in ocean fishing for both of them.

Nick also takes time out to volunteer at a local homeless shelter and at church.

Nick began his computer career when he was 18 years old, working in computer sales and network administration. When he was 25, he left a network-administrator position at a medical-document imaging company and started Computer Geeks.

A portrait of Nick Calvert, founder of Computer Geeks, wearing a dress shirt
A portrait of Nick Calvert, founder of Computer Geeks, wearing a t-shirt, holding computer parts, in front of a "Matrix" style background

Jenn Mawhiney – CFO

Jenn has been a part of Computer Geeks since August 2008.

Jenn and her husband David were blessed to adopt two sweet girls, and their lives are filled with all things girly! They also have two large dogs they enjoy going on walks with.

Jenn’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her family, whether it be a family fun night, hiking, swimming, “sunsetting” as her youngest calls it, or just sitting together watching a movie. Jenn also taught her family to enjoy watching birds, bees, and butterflies.

Justin Feller

Justin lives with his wife Wendy and their cat Maya.

He enjoys trying new foods and will try just about anything at least once. He is fluent in Spanish, and he enjoys learning about different cultures.

He and his wife spend a lot of time in community work as volunteer teachers.

Leigh Harper

“Kamusta po?” (translated: “How are you?”)

Leigh is a Filipina from the Philippines with a background in graphic design and IT support. She worked most of her jobs far from home to support her son Franz, until she moved to Springfield in September 2019 and married her wonderful husband Brandon in November 2019. She accepted the position at Computer Geeks in Jan 2021.

As a bench technician, Leigh takes care of any issues with your laptop or desktop computer. You can always count on her. She would love to give you a wonderful customer experience and “paint a smile on your face.”

Leigh loves to do traditional and digital drawings. She spends most of her time drawing portraits, reading, and she loves music too.  She is a homebody and loves to plant ornamental and veggies. She spends time with her family during her time off, going to the park, playing board games, watching movies, going to church, and playing with the dog.

“Maraming Salamat po!” (“Thank you very much!”)

A portrait of computer tech Leigh Harper holding a fun hair bow prop up to her head with the phrases "Kamusta po?" and "Maraming Salamat po!"

Alex Warden

Alex could be classified as a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He enjoys a good ribb’n but be careful –  he knows how to get your goat!

He loves the beautiful game of soccer, watches video highlights of his favorite European teams daily. Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona are just a few of them. He also enjoys doing household repair projects. He is a multi-hatted, self-proclaimed “mad hatter.” He enjoys doing landscaping, tile backsplashes, and luxury vinyl flooring.

Alex is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. He loves his wife and three kids. His wife Stacey was his older sister’s babysitter. He found out he had never really known true love until he realized that what he was feeling in worship at church was the exact same as he felt when he was with her. They have three fantastic kids, 16, 14, and 11 years old. Two girls, and a boy. Each named for what God was working and teaching him in his life at the time: Mary Grace, Zoe, and Caleb. All great stories –  if you have the time, ask him.

Allen Yoest

Allen grew up in central Missouri and has been a Springfield resident since 2011. 

He began a career in IT in 2014 after a life-long interest in computers. He’s been with Computer Geeks since 2018.

Outside of work, you can find Allen in the kitchen trying new recipes, out on an adventure with his dog Forrest, or spending time with his son.

Glenn Alton

If you can’t find Glenn behind a keyboard trying to solve some problem, you will more than likely find him fishing in his kayak or around any body of water.

Glenn likes to balance his obsession with technology and networking with a healthy dose of the outdoors!

Jo Rodriguez

Jo has been in the IT industry for 3+ years.

He also loves drawing, playing video games, watching anime, cooking, and reading manga. Jo also works as a freelance artist and posts pictures on social media.


Nick’s Bernedoodle Bruno has a lot of energy. He loves to run and play, and he really loves squirrels!

He loves to ride along with Nick each day and serves as Nick’s sidekick.

Bruno is loved by everyone he meets. He may be the size of a miniature horse and be intimidating, but Bruno is a lover not a fighter.  Bruno also knows how to sit, shake, and give hugs!