Complete Computer System and Network Installation Service

Anyone can plug in the cables, but an experienced computer tech can integrate the entire system, test speeds, fine-tune performance, and make sure it looks neat and tidy.

Computer Geeks field techs fulfill computer system installation and computer network installations to look and perform their best.

  • Install computer workstations and accessories
  • Connect shared printers
  • Set up wifi
  • Hookup phone systems
  • Run network cables in the walls and ceilings
  • Install fiber optic cables
  • Hide most computer cables
  • Mount second monitors
  • Hang TVs in the waiting room
  • Install ceiling speakers

Complete documentation for fast computer support

After making sure the entire computer network is installed correctly, our team will also document, label, and photograph every piece of equipment. So when you call our computer-support team, they can pull up all of that information and find a solution quickly. Additionally, if a part needs to be replaced, we know the model number, serial number, and the necessary specifications. If we send a field technician to your office we make sure to send along any parts that might be needed, even if a replacement is unlikely.

The Computer Geeks staff gathered together

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