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We specialize in dental technology installs, maintenance, and other types of dental practice IT support. We know about 12-o’clock systems, chairs monitors, how to hide cables so the operatory looks nice, how to hook up CAD/CAMs and panoramics so they’re compatible with your work stations, plus dental software and equipment vendors.

We provide IT support to hundreds of dental practices.

“With that experience, we feel like we understand their digital technology, including their panoramics, X-rays, intraoral cameras,” explains Owner Nick Calvert. “And we understand, when a patient is in the chair, they need help and support as quickly as possible.”

Computer failure could leave your practice down for days. One software update might cause a problem with another piece of software on the same machine or on the entire network. For some practices, especially dental practices, that may make it impossible to give patients proper care. Since we monitor hundreds of dental practices, we’re able to monitor those updates, and see what experience other clients have had, to make sure we apply the correct patches and updates, in the correct order, so you don’t have a problem.

“At Computer Geeks, I’m always telling my team how crucial getting an operatory computer up and running is,” Calvert says. “A lot of other computer-repair companies might think ‘Oh, it’s just a computer down.’ But a practice … is losing thousands of dollars a day.”

A lot of dental practices hire us knowing we specialize in dental hardware and dental installs. We don’t sell panoramic machines or other dental equipment, but we know how to support it. And we know how to make their computers and their software compatible with it. We know how to make the whole network work together.

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HIPAA compliant software solutions

Keeping patient data safe is critical to your practice. Computer Geeks data-backup and computer-monitoring software is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We also use two-factor authentication on all of our devices, remote logins, and backup servers.

Secure off-site backups

Your patient data is an irreplaceable asset that is critical to the daily operation of your clinic. The security of this data is also a major legal obligation. Additionally, your practice likely uses lots of expensive dental practice software. Don’t trust data backups to a portable hard drive or a keychain flash drive.

Our backup program works great for dental offices. Our software works well with the specialty dental-practice programs like Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, and imaging software. It allows your server and practice-management software to shut down properly, to get a proper backup. With that, we’re able to do a proper restore in case something does happen: fire, theft, or hard drive failure.

5-star Google review dated 2020-11-05.  "This IT company is great! They are all very smart and extremely helpful. Greg helped us out this morning, big time. :)"  From the office of 417smiles.

It allows their servers to be backed up properly every night, rather than just hoping that it backed up. Or maybe you have somebody in the office that’s swapping out a hard drive or a flash drive and throwing it in their car or their purse for the day and hoping that there’s data on there and hoping that it didn’t get stolen. We also encrypt and host your data in a secure offsite facility, so we’re able to restore your data quickly and get you back up and running. Learn more about our backup service.

Installing All Dental Practice Tech

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Computer Geeks installs and supports nearly any type of electronic equipment in a dental practice. We know how to set up a dental office, including ceiling speakers, TVs, 12’oclock computers, phone systems, reception computer networks, servers, wifi, printers, and more. You don’t need multiple contractors to install your electronics – we can take care of it all.

And we know how to run cables and wires so that they are hidden and the details are nice and clean. Learn more about our installation services.

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