Dental practice IT Support client testimonial

“We have a lot of dental practices that hire us because they know we specialize in dental offices,” says Nick Calvert, owner of Computer Geeks in Springfield, MO. “We understand their digital technology
including their panoramics their x-rays intra-oral cameras. We know about 12 o’clocks, monitors over
the chairs, how to install computers; where cables need to be hidden to look good in their practice.”

Providing technical support to hundreds of dental offices

The managed IT service provider specializes in dental tech, making the computers, peripherals, and software work together for smooth operation. The team installs and services dental office computer systems in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. They also help train dental practice staff members to use this technology.

“There’s a lot of specialty software that dental practices use,” Calvert says. “I’ve trained my team to be knowledgeable on that type of software and how crucial it is to their practice.”

Terra Green Dental

“The technology needs of a dental office are changing every day,” says Dr. Tom Hoff, owner of Terra Green Dental in Springfield, MO. “We have 17 computers. Every person has their own personal computer. We’re completely paperless. … Everything we do is really dependent on the technology.”

“You have to have somebody like Computer Geeks to do it,” Hoff says. “It’s too labor intensive. It’s ever-changing, and we just couldn’t keep up with that kind of technology.”

Secure data backups

“Our off-site backup program works great for dental offices,” Calvert says. “It’s focused on keeping your software up and running. It allows your server to shut down properly; it allows your practice-management software to close properly. With that, we’re able to do the proper restore in case something does happen: fire, theft, a hard drive goes out.”

Computer Geeks encrypts and hosts the data for a quick restore.

“There’s a lot of other services out there for backups that cost pennies on the dollar,” Calvert explains. “You don’t hear about is the restoration on those backups. They either end up charging you for it, or they might take five or six days to do a restore.”

HIPAA compliant

Computer Geeks backup and monitor software are HIPAA compliant.

“We use two-factor authentication on all of our devices, all of our remote logins; all of our backup servers.”

Dental Practice IT Outsourcing

“Really the only thing that they have to do is,” Calvert says, “get the furniture, get their tools, and get to work you.”

About Computer Geeks

Computer Geeks began 20 years ago as a break-fix shop, repairing computers, removing computer viruses, and selling computers. It grew over time to meet the needs of its clients. Today Computer Geeks is a managed IT service provider and off-site backup facility, offering technology installation, customer support, remote monitoring, and maintenance for thousands of computers each day.


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