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Computer Geeks began 20 years ago as a local break-fix shop, repairing computers, removing computer viruses, and selling computers. It grew over time to meet the needs of its clients. Today Computer Geeks is a regional managed IT service provider and off-site backup facility, offering technology installation, customer support, remote monitoring, and maintenance for thousands of computers each day.

Keep Your Business Moving

Proactive Computer Monitoring πŸ’»

Computer Geeks’ Network Operations Center monitors your computers 24/7. If a server goes down or a computer goes offline, we get them back up and running, hopefully, before you even realize there’s a problem. Our computer consultants also help plan upcoming computer maintenance, replace aging computer equipment, and budget for future technology needs.

Keep Your Data Safe

Secure Offsite Computer Backups πŸ“

Computer Geeks’ HIPAA compliant backup service automatically copies and encrypts your data offsite so ransomware can not affect it. If your computer or server is ever lost, damaged, or compromised by a cyberattack, we can quickly and easily restore your data.

Keep Calm, We’re Here For You

Easy Remote Computer Support πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Computer Geeks’ remote support specialists log into your computer and fix your issue to get back to work. We make remote support easy. When you signup as our client, we install remote-support software on your computer in advance. That way, when you have a problem, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get help.

Keep Your Tech Up To Date

Computer Repairs, Sales, & Network Installation 🧰

Computer Geeks’ field techs install and service computer systems, network printers, phone systems, televisions, ceiling speakers, and many other types of office equipment used in modern offices. We support a variety of equipment, even items we don’t sell.

We Nerd-Out on Dentist Offices

Dental Practice IT Outsourcing 🦷

Computer Geeks is a leader in installing, maintaining, and servicing the technology needs of dental offices. Our team understands the specialized equipment and software used by dentists, as well as the data-security concerns of the medical field.

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Geeky News πŸ“°

Get Geeky With Us πŸ‘

Computer Geeks publishes tech tips, tricks, and other updates each week here and on social media.


Real Client Reviews

Computer Geeks focuses on customer support. The team is dedicated to keeping our clients’ vital computer systems running smoothly. “We know somebody is frustrated when their computers are down, they’re frustrated when somethings not working for them,” explains Owner Nick Calvert. “So we’re here to take that request, support them in a nice, friendly way, and get them back up and running.” Our client reviews reflect that dedication:

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